Upcoming and Current:

Interview in Great Lakes ECHO: Adlerstein talks about her work as an ecological and environmental artist in an interview with Great Lakes ECHO titled “Environmental scientist uses art to communicate Great Lakes issues.”  Find out about the power of art to communicate, the motivation behind Adlerstein’s work, and what a unionids are! ECHO is an online news community about the environment of the Great Lakes watershed. Read this story, subscribe to ECHO emails, and more at

Environmental Art Gallery: Adlerstein’s work is currently exhibited in the School and Natural Resources and Environment’s (SNRE’s) Environmental Art Gallery. Located in the Dana building on University of Michigan’s campus, the gallery promotes the language of conservation by bringing scientists and artists together in collaboration and dialogue. The gallery is free to the public, and is open Monday – Friday.


“We are Water” a Digital Exhibit of Paintings

“We are Water”: Located in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, Bert’s Study Lounge, Shapiro Lobby this exhibit raised awareness for the environmental stressors affecting Great Lakes ecosystems.

Arts and the Environment Colloquium

Mapping the River: Beginning in 2008, an interdisciplinary team of University of Michigan faculty members and students worked collaboratively to create a unique and multilayered performance based upon the element of water entitled Mapping the River. Taking the cycle of water from rain to earth to river to lake to ocean to clouds to rain as its overarching structure, and focusing on our local water source the Huron River as a central narrative, the work  features live music, dance, video, and spoken word.


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